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9 Beautifully Designed Places that Inspire Us

We believe that architects and interior designer are passionate artists, and we love to see artists create the best visual representation of their style. However, sometimes an artist has to go and look at all the extremes in order to find the elements that inspire him/her and create something original with a lot of creativity. We have created an inspirational board from different styles to inspire all tastes.

Take a long look at all the details in each image and notice the intricate details and the difference between the types of design from architects across the world: Brazil, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Iran, and the UK.

1. Italy: Lazio Palace, constructed in 1581 by Ippolito Scalza.

2. Japan: Porous Manifold as a Japanese Tearoom by F.A.D.S. + Ryumei Fujiki + KOU::ARC

3. Iran: Tabiat (Nature) Bridge by Leila Araghian

4. Japan: Woodcraft House Inspired by Islamic Architecture by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio.

5. Brazil: Casa Pau Ferro, São Paulo by Isy Weinfeld.

6. Brazil: Mariante House by MMBB Arquitectos, Angelo Bucci, Milton Braga, Fernando De Mello Franco and Marta Moreira.

7. Morocco: Modern home in Atlas Mountain by Studio KO.

8. Britain: Peckham Library by Aslop and Stormer.

9. Sweden: Town house in Landskrona by Elding Oscarson.


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