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What Do Customers in Kuwait Prefer for Floor and Wall Tiles?

What does the customer want when applying the final touches of building a house? Or even remodeling a room? There are many things to think about when deciding on what flooring option to go with, and how to match it with the wall color. These choices usually go beyond the prices and the quality of the product.

Here at ARTECASA, we have started working on customer and market research in order to understand our customers in a better way through their buying habits.

We wanted to know the colors they prefer for their tiles, the sizes they usually go for, and the type of material they would like to see in their homes.

From our data, it shows that, despite that there’s a trend to go with colored vibrant tiles, customers still prefer beiges and neutrals as a safe choice for most of the rooms, and the white shades are always seem to be winning.

Still, when it comes to textures, lines and details, the customer has a good eye and appreciate those details that add beauty to their space.

Take a look at some of the choices that our customers prefer.

Marble prints on stone is becoming very popular with the increase of the print technology
Marble details printed on porcelain by FMG (Bianco Venato Extra Polish)

The slabs are available in different sizes and can be used on walls and floors to create different patterns
Calcatta Polish by FMG- Marble look on porcelain

Another example for how the light colors compliment the space, there's no harm in adding a bit of color to such a beautiful slab
Booth design at ARTECASA

Adding grey and shades of gold compliment the small details in the marble tiles and make them pop
Special design for one of our customers using 3D rendering

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